I teach weekend workshops at studios around Bath and London.  You can register your interest via my Facebook page, or your can call or email me to find out more: 07974 365670 / ruth@ruthtimmsyoga.com


Here are all workshops in the pipeline:

Self Care at Balance Lifestyle & Fitness - in Timsbury on Saturday 19th May,  11am - 1pm.  (Book via their website).

Self Care at On Route in London on Saturday 23rd June,  3.30pm - 5.30pm.  (Book via my website).

Self Care at  Yoga Bodhi in Bath on Saturday 7th July,  1pm - 3pm.  (Book via their website).

Journey Toward Wheel Pose at On Route in London on Saturday 14th July,  3.30pm - 5.30pm.  (Book via my website).