Yoga is about nourishing yourself physically, mentally and emotionally - so you can be the best version of yourself.


Students can expect a mindful, flowing practice with an emphasis on alignment, breath and precision of movement.  My aim is that students of all levels leave feeling physically challenged but also relaxed, recalibrated and completely confident in their abilities.  The idea is to experience a moving meditation and a feeling of being ‘in flow’.

My teacher training is with The British Wheel of Yoga - a 500 hour, level 4 diploma and one of the most comprehensive and rigorous courses available.  It's one of only a handful recognised by Ofqual.  I will always be a student of yoga - I love to learn new skills,  feed my inspiration and keep my teaching fresh.  

What people say:

“I love taking your classes - they stretch me(!) but give me confidence in my abilities” - Lynda

“Although I’m feeling my years and cannot do all I could when younger, your lessons keep me flexible and full of energy” - Patricia

“Ruth’s classes are great, whether you're a beginner or at a more advanced level.  I always feel relaxed yet refreshed.  I can't recommend her enough” - Tara

I’ve been suffering with back pain for years and Ruth is very considerate to my needs - making me aware of alternative postures. I find her class extremely beneficial, physically and mentally” - Mana

“I’ve been to Ruth's classes for a couple of years now.  She’s thoughtful and considerate - always encouraging you to do what’s right for you.  I always leave feeling vibrant and energised in my mind and body” - Helen

“Ruth is a wonderful teacher! She makes each class interesting and challenging. I’ve learnt so much from her -  and I am way stretchier now!” - Natasha